Rules of Composition in Photography

Rules of Composition in Photography

The internet is saturated with information. This is a great because it provides people with information about their interests.

Photography is one of my interests. I love taking great and exciting photographs.

To take creative photographs, I needed to understand the art and science of photography.

The rules of composition in photography is one area I needed to learn and understand. Knowing these rules prepared me to take the best possible photographs of my subjects.

The following rules of composition will help you see the creative images you can take of your subjects.

1. Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds will help you place the subject of your image in the right position.

Just imagine your image is divided into nine equal proportions with two vertical and two horizontal lines. Position your subject along these longs or at the point of intersection.

2. Balance the Image

Rules of Composition in Photography

Take your time and find the right balance in your photograph. You may need to change angles or look for a better position to take the shot in order to get the balance exactly right.

A well-balanced image is noticable and people will make comment. Balance is about being creative.

3. Natural Lines

Use natural lines to pull people into your image. It may be a fence, the road, a line of trees, the mountains or a row of corn in the field.

Natural lines in the landscape enhance creative photography.

4. Depth of Field

Photography Composition Rules

Depth of Field is a very interesting subject. Also, it is a very important element of photography. Shallow depth of field is used to portrait and close-ups; whereas, large depth of field is used for landscapes.

Knowing the basics about Depth of Field will enhance your photographic skills.

5. Framing the Photograph

When taking a landscape photograph, look for natural elements to frame your shot. You may use a tree trunk, an overhanging branch or the side of a building.

Most of these rules of composition in photography are common sense. Take the time to look for the creative in your shot. People will notice when you take great and exciting photographs.

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